Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Levin Giant+ Solar Panel Charger 12000mAh

So I got this cool 12000mAh Solar Panel Charger thing.

You know, you charge it up and toss it in your bag so when you are out at the lake (or in my case, at the Grandson's baseball game) and your phone dies, you can just plug it in a recharge on the go.

This one is pretty nice. It has 2 USB ports so you can recharge 2 devices at once.
It has a built in flashlight (that has an emergency SOS mode, very cool).
And of course, best of all, it can be recharged using the sun!

Now in fairness it does take SEVERAL days of FULL SUN to charge it back up (actually you can never fully recharge it in the sun) but even just one day of sun will give you at least 20%-30% charge on an iPhone. That's not bad.


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