Wednesday, November 1, 2023

BAOFENG UV5R Radios for SHTF situations.

When you are caught off guard by an emergency, the ability to communicate with friends, loved ones and authorities can be extremely important. 

Remember, in a bad storm or SHTF situations The Internet, Phone lines, cell towers, and other methods of communication may not be operational.

But you can be prepared and take matters into your own hands. One of the best ways to communicate with your family or preparedness group is with a walkie-talkie. To handle a SHTF scenario, you’ll want to go beyond the cheap toy or old CB style models and get something versatile and programmable. A solid one that can handle a true SHTF situation.

If you haven't already heard of it, this is the Radio that EVERYONE should own.

Actually, you should really own at least a pair if not more of them.


As one of the most famous names in the global radio industry, the brand BaoFeng is synonymous with it's UV-5R ham radio. 

VOX capable and the K1 type connector for headsets, speaker/mics, throat mics (so you can look tacticool!)

128 FM/NFM channels can be listened to & saved with offsets, CTS,DCS for each channel.

The A & B dual-band operates independently.

Offer privacy codes & a busy channel lockout.

There are 3 background lighting color choices.

Chirp software compatible.

It is a little tough to learn how to use.

You are required to have a license to transmit with it (does anyone care when the SHTF?)