Friday, January 18, 2013

Got My Digispark and Relay Shield!!

I got my Digisparks ( and a relay shield yesterday.

This little bad boy is tiny and cool because it plugs right into a usb port, no cables or anything!

I will be replacing my full sized Arduino UNO and Multi relay shield being used on my coffee maker (Phil-Up) with this bad boy.

At first I was going to just pull the old stuff out and rewire this one in. But since it is so small, I think I will now build a small control panel out of a hobby box, put the digispark/relay unit, the button and the light all in one box with a small headphone jack to plug in the moisture sensor and mount the box under the counter (currently I have the light and button mounted in holes drilled in a piece of wood hanging on the front of the counter, the UNO and large relay shield mounted under the counter and wires running everywhere!