Thursday, January 23, 2014

Midland XTC 200 Action Camera , an alternative to the GoPro Camera

So This isn't necessarily about electronics but I got this little camera when I was in Hawaii and I thought I would give you my thoughts on it. If you are looking for all the technical information go to the Midland website. This is the stuff they don't tell you.

It's a pretty cool little camera, a less expensive choice than something like the GoPro.
You can shoot HD 720p (1280 x 720 @ 30FPS) or SD 480p (640 x 480 SD @ 60FPS) by flipping a little slide switch under the rear cover.

At 480p a 2 gig file will get you about 38 minutes.
At 720p a 2 gig file will get you about 25 minutes.
You can shoot until your battery runs out or you run out of space on the card (up to 32gb)
Videos will only be a max of 2 gig in size. If you just turn it on and leave it going it will simply film up to 2 gig and then start filming a new clip.
The Camera has no clock so all the files have the same date and time stamp on them (1/1/2010 12:00am).

Reuse the display mount.
Don't just throw away the box it comes in. Your package may not be the same but mine came with the camera mounted to a piece of clear plastic. What it was mounted with was a clip just like the ones that are on the Helmet mounts. I undid a couple of little screws and what came off the package ended up working perfectly for clip mounting the waterproof case to my Goggles for getting some great footage while snorkeling. I simply put the strap right between the clip mount and the waterproof camera case. Worked perfectly.

Speaking of the waterproof case, use caution.
  1. Don't put the camera in the case with the record switch in the forward (rec) position.
    It will stick to far out the back and break the latch.
  2. Be careful with that latch. Sadly it is very easy to break. It should be made of aluminum or nylon or Delrin.

Obviously it shoots better video than this!

The waterproof case has a magnetic slide switch to activate the camera. I found that placing a strong enough magnet over the front of the camera switch area will turn it on.
This means you could put it in a RC airplane or Helicopter and turn it on or off by either physically moving a magnet over it with a relay or by enabling an electromagnet over it.

I use mine as a daily Dashboard Cam waiting to capture the next OH SNAP moment!
It has gone for Train rides on my Model Railroad.
I stuck it on the top of my Grandson's RC Car for a cool ground view, it was very bumpy!!

Oh and the Helmet Mount, no where in the instructions does it tell you how to rotate the helmet mount.
The tell you that it does rotate, but they don't tell you how! This thing is held together with some serious industrial Velcro-type material. You have to pull it apart and it takes some serious pulling. I sort of rocked it out of the little socket. Once you get it apart, it's pretty easy after that, but the first time you do it you are going to think that it is going to break before it comes apart. 

Helmet Mount


  1. Have you found a solution to the timestamp problem? I guess that would be tough if it really doesn't have a clock. I find it kind of annoying to have to rely on the file number for the clip sequence, so I rename any I want to keep.

    Two other complaints:
    Yiou can't use an external battery, as it it won't record when anything is plugged in.
    The card is difficult to get in and out without using some kind of tool. Maybe if I had fingernails....

    1. Yeah the time-stamp is bothersome but I wouldn't want them to waster battery power running a clock either.Now about the external power, that is not correct. I have an external power source that I use with mine and it will record while charging. I had to find the right power supply though. I ended up using a Motorola power supply for an Android Phone and it works. I tried several other power supplies and they wouldn't even charge the phone. So it is possible and it will record with external power plugged in. Lastly, yeah, that's a little card in a little slot. I just leave mine plugged in and use the USB cable to download/erase videos.
      Thanks for your comments!

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